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Welcome to the City of Ash for mobile help section. City of Ash for the iphone is available in the Apple app store at http://itunes.apple.com/app/city-of-ash/id331629980?mt=8.

Here you can quickly learn the basics of City of Ash. This page will be updated as time goes on as I answer the most common questions.

How do I give my friend's my profile or find other player's profiles?

You can give your friends your profile by giving them your beast code - click the invite button then click friend code. You can find other players by reading the news section, viewing the fight list, or viewing other player's walls. You can also add players to your clan, then you can view their profile if they accept. There is no "browse" players functionality for privacy reasons.

Why don't I fight with all my weapons?

Most likely, it's because you've purchased more weapons than your clan can use. Each member of your clan can hold only one weapon, arm 1 special item (such as body armor), and drive 1 vehicle.

Why am I getting attacked even when I am not signed in?

You will always be generating income, health, energy, etc., even if you are not signed in. Additionally, you can also be attacked while offline. This keeps the game active at all times, and gives you extra incentive to keep up!

Why doesn't my income add up?

Some items charge a special hourly cost called "upkeep". This amount is subtracted from your original income each hour.

Will my City of Ash iPhone activity add to my Facebook account?

Sorry, but at the moment the Facebook and iPhone versions are separate

I'm offended by someone's clan name.

If it's something that wouldn't be allowed on an un-cut episode of South Park (tm), forward it my way and I will take action. Otherwise I really don't have the management capacity to police this kind of thing.


Your profile keeps a tally of some basic character stats, as well as lets other users have a glimpse at how powerful you are.


Quests are the quickest way to earn cash early in the game, and also the best way to earn experience points. Each quest has different requirements such as clan size, items, energy level, etc. If you hover over the item images on any quest you can see how many of each are required. Some quests are not available to lower level players.

Travel Quests

Some quests are more than one step and are completed across multiple cities. When you complete the last step of the quest, you will obtain your reward.

Drop Items

Some quests will randomly award special "drop" items, such as weapons. The odds of receiving these items varies.

How Fighting Works

During a fight, every member of your clan is armed with the most powerful items/weapons you own before the fight results are calculated. For example, if you have 2 people in your clan, you should try to own at least 2 weapons or else one of your clans will have to fight with bare fists. Each member of your clan can hold 1 weapon, drive a vehicle, and equip 1 special item such as body armor.

Your Clan

What is a clan? Your clan consists of anyone you have recruited to your clan, and anyone you have accepted invites from. It is not a distinct group, so technically you can be members of many different clans. So if you successfully recruit 5 friends to your clan, your clan size will increase by 5 regardless of their clan size.

Your clan is one of the most important aspects of the game, and exists not just as a way to help get your friends involved, but is a fully functional part of the game. Each member of your clan will be individually armed with whatever items you have available in your equipment during a fight. To balance the game, your clan's effeciveness is limited by your level as well as by the number of members. Although transparent in the game, a level 1 clan with 200 members will only have a slight advantage over a level 1 clan with 10 members. In later stages of the game, however, larger clans carry a significant advantage over smaller clans.

Your Clan Leader

Your leader represents your character in the game and has various attributes which can be upgraded as your level increases. A tally of stats is also recorded throughout the entire game, accrediting your leader with various achievements.


Hired guns are what everyone has been waiting for. Unlimited clan sizes by hiring special clan members without having to invite friends. The guild offers you clan members in exchange for favor points.


The bounty list will appear whenever a "hit" has been placed on another clans in the game. A hit can be viewed by potentially hundreds of other players all at the same time, so successfully making a kill on from the bounty list is not an easy task. Anyone can add any other clan in the game to the hit list if they have enough money.

Beware of the Hitlist!

Huge bounties on the hitlist usually mean that the target is a very powerful clan leader. Attacking them opens up any level player to retaliation attacks from that user. For this reason, lower level leaders should be wary of who they decide to mess with on the hitlist.

How is my hit list listing cost determined?

The minimum amount of cash required to place another clan on the hitlist is determined by how much of the city they own. Owning more of the city makes you a much higher profile target.

The City

The city is the lifeblood of any organized criminal organization, and the more of it you control, the more powerful you can become. Clans who own much of the city can earn huge incomes with which they can buy any standard item in the game.

Why do I have negative income?

Chances are, you overspent on vehicles and other items that require upkeep. Sell off your biggest upkeep items before they get reposessed from you, and start building up your inventory once your income can support it.

The Bank

The bank is a place to safehouse your ill-earned cash so it cannot be stolen during an attack by another clan. Of course it is a risk for the bank to deposit this kind of money, so it comes with a price. Money in the bank is considered "clean", and is required to pay doctors for their healing services.

The Guild

If you feel one of these "offers" has taken advantage of you, is unsafe, or spams your email box or something, please report it to me. I do not choose the offers, but I do have the power to remove them from the list.

Missing Points From a Completed Offer?

On the Help page, click Contacting Support and email us with the name of the specific offer filled out, # of points missing, and paste some confirmation of awarded points. We will check the records and take care of it for you. A bug with favor points is possible but so far quite rare. Sometimes there is a slight delay while the offer is confirmed on their end, and the offer will often specify how long it takes.

City of Ash Elite

When you reach a certain level, The Guild may offer to promote you to inside man. This is designed to give higher level players a chance to both support City of Ash and speed up gameplay a bit.

  • 2 favor points per level-up instead of 1
  • 10% faster regeneration speeds for income, health, energy, and stamina
  • No more ad at the top of the screen
  • All benefits last for 31 days from the time of activation

If new benefits are added in the future they will automatically take effect.

The Equipment


At a glance, the equipment lets you see all the items you have accumulated in the game, and enables you to buy and sell them at will. Some advanced items are not available until you reach higher levels.